How To Choose Your Hair Toppers Base Size

How To Choose Your Hair Toppers Base Size

It is important to properly measure the area of your hair loss when choosing a hair topper. Wearing the right sized base will ensure that your topper looks natural, undetectable. And provide you with the most comfortable fit.


To identify how much coverage you'll need, firstly determine the area of your hair loss using the Ludwig scale. Hair loss can be at the part, crown, hairline or throughout.

Use a fabric tape measure for comfort and ease. Measure the widest points of your hair loss, from front to back and side to side across the area where you are experiencing hair loss. Be sure to write the down. You can use a mirror or ask someone to help you with this.

Addition Measurements 

When you write down the measurements, add one inch to each measurement. This will allow for extra hair on each side for where the clips can be attached comfortably. Make sure the area you plan to clip the hair topper into is healthy hair and can support the weight of the hair topper.


Since hair loss can be progressive, it is important that you retake and record these measurements every six months. This is to ensure you are wearing the correct base size and prevent any damage to your biological hair which can be caused by wearing the wrong size.



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